Powerful Yogurt Commercial: Lumberman

Powerful Yogurt Commercial: Lumberman

Powerful Yogurt and advertising agency The Vidal Partnership have released this funny video.

The short spot is from the latest campaign of the brand, which promotes its tasty Yogurt, which enables to find abs “somewhere” in your body. Watch as this attractive man – a lumberman – sets off fire using his belly abs. The yoghurt is a special combination of proteins, that help burn fat.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: The Vidal Partnership, USA
Creative Director: Gustavo Lauria
Producer: Meiling Macías-Toro
Production Co.: Flamboyant Paradise
Director: Javier Lourenço
Editorial Co.: Wild(child) Editorial
Editor: Diego Panich
EP: Amy Lazarus

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