Pot Noodle Commercial: WAG

Pot Noodle Commercial: WAG

Pot Noodle and London’s creative agency Mother have launched this hilarious commercial.

It features a guy dressed like a lady. He is hanging out in his fancy house and tells about his casual chores. Ever since she was little, she wanted an easy life. So she married a footballer and ever since her life is never ending easiness. She has stuff to do everything for her: some do her tan, some swim for her and even make aerobics for her. And she eats Pot Noodles. Why live harder?

Watch the funny ad and tell us what you think.


Creative Agency: Mother, London, UK
Director: Rosey
Production Company: @radical.media
Producer: Sam Levene
Editor: Julian Tranquille / Cut and Run
Post Production: MPC
Audio Post Production: Factory Studios
Typographer: Ed Cornish
DoP: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler

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