Portfolio Night Detroit Video: 9 Mile

Portfolio Night Detroit Video: 9 Mile

Portfolio Night Detroit and advertising agency Doner have made this cool video spot.

The video reminds 9 mile – the film that featured Eminem. In this case, the rapping contest is organized to evaluate the portfolio of a potential creative. He gets on stage and is being dissed by a mean employer. The audience is going crazy: they are shouting and booing, and are exited. The film promotes Portfolio Night – an event in Detroit.

Watch the spot and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Doner, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
Executive Creative Officer: Brad Emmett
Creative Directors: Sam Sefton, Rob Legato
Art Director: Sara Nitz
Production / Post Production Services: The Underground
Producer: Rick Morrone
Editor: Tone Foster
Colorist: Mike Thomas
Audio Engineer: Tony Del Bel
Director: Greg Kort
Directors of Photography: Shaun Walla, Todd Darling
Production Manager: Britney Krupa

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