Porsche Video: The World is a Curve

Porsche Video: The World is a Curve

Porsche Cayman and advertising agency Katapult Kommunikation have released this awesome video ad.

The spot promotes the wonderful car and depicts that the world is really curvy from the Porsche’s point of view. The camera follows the vehicle around the world and transforms the view into this beautiful round shaped landscape. The brand has also announced a competition: a famous relative of Cayman is hidden in the spot. Find it!

Watch the commercial and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Agency: Katapult Kommunikation, Frankfurt, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Jörg Sachtleben, Christoph Tratberger
Creative Director: Faris Aadam
Copywriters: Konrad Ahlmeyer, Christoph Tratberger
Art Director: Sebastian Lachermeier
Account Supervisors: Marius Darschin, Carsten Menge
Producer: Pascal Tonecker
Cinematographer: Pascal Tonecker
Editor: Alex Duesterberg
Director: Pascal Tonecker
Special Effects: Tobias Gruenberger
Post Production: Pixomondo Studios
Sound Studio: Loft Tonstudios
Sound Engineer: Andreas Ried
Music: Artist/Title: Ken/ Get a life

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