Poopy Cat Dolls Video: Do You Want My Purr Purr?

Poopy Cat Dolls Video: Do You Want My Purr Purr?

Poopy Cat and advertising agency TBWA\NEBOKO have released this brilliant music video spot recently.

The brand has brought the whole music band together – meet the Poopy Cat Dolls! The adorable cats perform in this music video, which promotes the kitty cleanliness. The disposable, biodegradable litter boxes will ensure your cat’s purr purr. The spot will definitely be the cutest thing you’ll see today.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Creative: René van der Hoofd, Jasper Roks, Dieuwer Bulthuis, Chris Sant
Director: Lennart Verstegen (Wefilm)

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  1. lau_span at 2:47 PM

    Hey guys!
    You were one of the most important view generator for our first campaign, the Poopy Cat Dolls. Now, over a year later, we have made a fun documentary style video on how it is to work with cats around. Yes, we have cats living in our office (better to keep the actual consumer close of course!)
    You can view it here, let me know what you think:


    Have a great day!

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