Playstation Vita Commercial: The World is in Play

Playstation Vita Commercial: The World is in Play

Sony Playstation Vita and 180 Amsterdam creatives have made this incredible advertisement promoting the new video game.

The video features people in the metro, beach or boxing ring. They would speak in rhymed lines as if in some drama theater. Then the camera would cover the amazing view: the action from the Playstation Vita game takes place in those casual places. “Create new worlds”. The reality becomes a game. Really impressive video and concept.

The epic commercial uses a very new and fancy technology which makes the ad look like a seriously great Hollywood action movie.

Watch the ad an tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Galen Graham
Art Director: Martin Terhart
Copywriter: David Chalu
Producer: Richard Firminger
Account Director: Gemma Knox
Account Manager: Simona Raspagni
Production Company: Independent Films
Executive Producer / MD: Jani Guest
Executive Producer: Verity White
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Producer: Emma Butterworth
Production Manager: Phoebe Matheson
DOP: Adriano Goldman
Production Designer: Chris Jones
Behind the Scenes Director: Ed Sayers
Service Production Company: Unit Sofa
Executive Producer: Fady Salame
Line Producer: Mirka Taylor
Production Manager: Pavel Voracek
Production Coordinator: Martin Mikula
Offline Edit: The White House
Offline Producer: Lisa Kenrick
Offline Editor: Russel Icke
Post Production Company: MPC
Post Producer Supervisor: Scott Griffin
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ludo Fealy

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