Playstation Video: The Power of Playstation

Playstation Video: The Power of Playstation

Playstation and advertising agency Hitparade from Stuttgart have released this exciting video ad.

The spot takes place in a middle of a battle. Soldiers are chasing after their enemies and are watching the backs of one another. The one very passionate fighter is a senior woman, who you shouldn’t underestimate! Apparently, Playstation’s power is overwhelming.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Hitparade, Stuttgart, Germany
Copywriter: Bernd Faass
Photographer: Markus Gebhart
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Director / Creative: Bernd Faass
Producers: Michael Güntner, Nathalie Kraft
Camera: Markus Gebhart
Editing: Bernd Faass, Jochen Stützel
Music: Maryna Aksenov
Sound Design: Sebastian Bräuning
Visual Effects: Matthias Bäuerle
Grandma: Walburga Hennig
Soldier: Matthias Dietrich
Terrorist: Niklas Keller
Soldiers: Frank Hala, Sandra Haferkorn
Boys: Ben Hortig, Dominik Bieswanger

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