PlayStation Video: Exhausted Heros

PlayStation Video: Exhausted Heros

PlayStation 4 and advertising agency Grey from Spain have made this amazing video spot recently.

The commercial features exhausted heroes, that take a moment from fighting. However, this indeed going to be a very short break, since they have a new enemy. The future game is going to be faster and sharper than ever. The creatives have manage to pull off visually very effective and memorable spot.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Grey, Spain
Accounts: Beatriz Fernández, Carmen Cortés
Creatives: Antonio Montero, Enric Nel·lo, Alejandro de Antonio, 
Jorge Manzaneque
Audiovisual team: Sara Muñoz, Carmen Orbe, Juan Torres
Film producer: La Joya Producciones
Film director: Alex de la Iglesia
Postproduction: We Work
Sound studio: The Lobby
Media agency: OMD

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