Plants vs Zombies 2 Video: It’s About Time!

Plants vs Zombies 2 Video: It’s About Time!

Plants vs Zombies 2 with directors Matt Berenty and David Bokser have released this amusing cartoon video.

The film promotes the latest version of the video game. The official trailer features a man, who carefully supervises his plants. A very entertaining song plays in the background, while the zombies are coming to the garden. However, the well maintained plants are ready to strike back and not to give up easily. Really nice spot!

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Art Director: Jeremy Vanhoozer
Marketing Manager: Van Riker
Production Co: Wolf & Crow
Directors: Matt Berenty, David Bokser
Executive Producer: Eric McCasline
Line Producer: Ben Oswald
DP: Bo Hakala
Post Production: Wolf & Crow
Editor: Wolf & Crow
Managing Director: Kevin Shapiro
VFX Artists: Wendy Klein, Richard Daniels, Mike Dupree, Joe Grossmann, Alex Curtis, Matt Lavoy, Chad Howitt, Travis Button, Phina Kahng, Adam Swaab, Jason Kim, Mike Gajga, Johnny Lum, Darrell Abney, Jamie Leake, Jiyun Ha, Ram Bhat, Marco Campobasso
Music: “I Just Want To Celebrate” – Rare Earth
Sound Design & Mix: Wolf & Crow

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