Pinnacle Vodka: Paper and Plastic

Pinnacle Vodka: Paper and Plastic

Pinnacle Vodka and creative agency Kate Butler Thomas have launched this funny and beautiful commercial entitled “Paper and Plastic”.

The video features a beautiful lady who is relaxing at the fabulous resort. She is surrounded by water and refreshing drinks that are being served by handsome muscular men. As she asks their names they answer Paper and Plastic. What? “Paper or plastic bag?”, the guy at the mall asks as the lady wakes up from her dream.

Watch this funny yet sexy ad and tell us if you liked it.


Creative Director: Kate Butler Thomas
Copywriter: Chris Trafford
Marketing Director: Marguerite Allolding
Film Directors: Liam Kan, Grant Hodgson
Special Effects: Glassworks
Executive Producer: Rascal Films
Producer: One Step Beyond

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