Philips Video: Hideouts

Philips Video: Hideouts

Philips and advertising agency Ahlstrand & Wallgren have launched this awesome video presenting the competition.

To promote the brand new cool Philips Smart TV, the creatives have pulled off a competition. There are 10 hidden frameless televisions, worth about 1,500 euros each, all over the world. If you want it, you have to find it using Google Maps and Street View, mark it and hope you are right. The motto is: pin it, win it!

Watch the video, get involved and share your opinion about it.


Agency: Ahlstrand & Wallgren
Art Director: Kristian Luoma
Client: Philips
Copywriter: Joakim Wallgren
Project Manager: Ulf Ahlstrand
Art Buyer: Helena Modin
Production: Dareville
Retouch: Finalize

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