Pepto Bismol Prints: Unhappy Meal

Pepto Bismol Prints: Unhappy Meal

Pepto Bismol and advertising school Miami Ad School have released these funny prints lately.

The pictures promote a digestive system treatment. Therefore, the creatives have pulled off these humorous prints, that depict food that is coming to haunt you in a form of the little creatures.

The titles say:
Sushi shouldn’t startle your stomach.
Keep your Happy Meals happy.
Save the runs for the home team.
Don’t let your food come back to haunt you.

See the images below and have a good laugh.





Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Instructor: Monika Pobog
Art Directors: Dhiya Choudary, Arvindh Lochan
Copywriter: Alex Schwartz

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