Pepsi Max: Pepsi Maxlist Web Application

Pepsi Max: Pepsi Maxlist Web Application

DDB Oslo released this branded utility tool for Pepsi Max that invites visitors to be their own curators.

Competing for the attention of the increasingly discerning 18-25 demographic on the internet is a formidable challenge, and the media noise has reached a point where no level of packaging can make up for a lack of content.

The increasing reliance on YouTube for providing music and video entertainment in social settings is a cool and intriguing development. But as always when there are excited people around, you get interrupted. The constant searching for new clips, which stops what’s currently playing, is what gave us the idea for Maxlist: An interface that allows continuous and parallel searching and playing of YouTube videos. Site also allowing users to easily collect and edit together their favorite YouTube picks into MaxLists to pass onto friends.

Watch Maxlist Tutorial below and there you can launch application in new window.

Agency: DDB, Oslo
Client: Pepsi
Creatives: Jorgen Gjaerum, Dennis Tonnkvist

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