Pepsi Commercial: Family

Pepsi Commercial: Family

Pepsi and advertising agency Civilization from China have released this beautiful video commercial.

The black and white advertisement features people who talk about a family. Some very moving thoughts have been said. Did you know that “it’s not just the family we have, it’s also the family we choose”. Just a little reminder about the things that really matter.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Civilization, China
Production House: Key Point
Director: Anthony Levi Kho
Cinematographers: Anthony Levi Kho, Kar-Shun Soo
Producers: Chris Tsao, Wayne Woo
Post Production House: TPO / Live Plus
Offline Editor: Fan Fan, Denney Ni
Online Editor: Cici Deng
Colourist: Jimmy Wang
Music Production House: Soundness / Drum Music
Composers: Andrew Lok, Eddie Chung
Music Arrangement: Eddie Chung, Kevin Shih, Zhi-Wen Jin (cover of “We are a family”)

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