Pepsi and Kyrie Irving Commercial: Uncle Drew

Pepsi and Kyrie Irving Commercial: Uncle Drew

Pepsi launched an incredibly entertaining commercial featuring the NBA’s star Kyrie Irving from The Cleveland Cavaliers.

The commercial is a five minute short, starting as a documentary. Uncle Drew drives to visit his nephew, who is playing basketball at that moment. When he arrives one of the players gets injured so Drew is invited to replace him. At first he is doing really not well on the playground. But later he shows the first class game. See the whole story and where the trick is.

The commercial appeared on Youtube only six days ago. Today it reached over 4 million views.

See the video below and tell us if you liked it.


Client: Pepsi
AGENCY The Marketing Arm/Davie Brown Entertainment (Los Angeles)
Director, writer, actor Kyrie Irving
VP, Creative Director Marc Gilbar
President, Group Account Director Tom Meyer
CEO Lewis Henderson
Account Executive Abigail Jackson
Account Coordinator Jennifer Hershman
Line Producer Angie Revell
Editor Damion Clayton
DP Brian Thomas
Mixer Heard City (Philip Loeb & Evan Mangiamele)
Music Beacon Street Studios
Special Effect Make-Up Ed French
Asst Make-up Sue Lee

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