Penguin Books Prints: Books

Penguin Books Prints: Books

Penguin Books and advertising agency Y&R from Malaysia have released these beautiful prints.

The pictures represent the company’s legendary symbol – Penguin. Also each image depicts the variety of themes, the company publishes: travel, gardening, science, fairy tails, languages, architecture, hobbies. The creatives pulled off an amazing “themed” penguin in each print. The title says: Books for every interest.

See these exciting prints below and share your opinion about them with us.









Agency: Y&R, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Gigi Lee
Creative Group Head: Hoe Yew Pong
Art Directors: Hor Yew Pong, Nikken Chong, Foo Guan Foong, Emily Tan, Jillyn Cheoh, Joshua Tay
Copywriters: Boone Wong, Andrea Yap, Azeril Johari
Illustrators: Cue Art, Emily Tan, Jillyn Cheoh, Hor Yew Pong, Man Man
Designers: Emily Tan, Jillyn Cheoh, Loh Gan Kai, Chew Lee Chin
Typographers: Emily Tan, Loh Gan Kai
Photographer: Wizard Photography

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