Pelephone Ad: Mehirut

Pelephone Ad: Mehirut

Pelephone and Tel Aviv’s creative agency Warshavsky & Adler Chomski with ACW GREY have made this awesome commercial entitled „Mehirut“.

The 1’10 minute video features a little boy and pictures his fantastic dreams. Like Alice in Wonderland, he encounters world filled with magic. The giant turtles and a husky, the teleport hole, funny school performance… Really beautiful and cute video that brings you to the exciting world of fantasy.

Pelephone is a telecommunication company based in Israel. In hebrew pelephone means „wonder phone“.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: Warshavsky & Adler Chomski/ACW GREY, Tel Aviv, Israel
Agency Creative Director: Ida Markovich
Editorial: Gravity
Editor: Yair Tamir
Production Company: Mulla Productions
Director: Eli Sverdlov

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