Pelephon Commercial: Wedding

Pelephon Commercial: Wedding

Pelephon and advertising agency Adler Chomsky & Warshavsky GREY have made this beautiful video ad for their campaign.

The story follows a very thrilling dream of a young woman. She is about to get married, therefore, her emotional dream explores her past, her present and future. The spot is full of exciting surreal sights and events. The video is from the Pelephon’s amazing campaign, which also made “Mehirut” –  a dream of a little boy.

Watch the spot and enjoy it.


Agency: Adler Chomsky & Warshavsky GREY
Director: Eli Sverdlov
Production Company: Mulla
CG & VFX: Gravity
Chief Creative: Ilan Bouni / Gravity
VFX Supervisor: Yoav Savaryego / Gravity
Head of Art: Israel Breslev / Gravity
Head of 3D & compositing: Yoav Savaryego / Gravity
Original music: Guy Amitai
DOP: Mano Kadosh

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