Pattex Glue Print Ad: Couple

Pattex Glue Print Ad: Couple

Pattex Glue Print Ad titled Couple made by Slovenian advertising agency Imelda Ogilvy.

“Patex – Long lasting glue.”

Pattex Glue Commercial

It’s really hard to say why the grandpa looks so sad, while the granny so happy? Maybe it was a sad marriage or maybe the idea is that they don’t even know each other, it’s just the glue. Anyway it‘s funny!

Published: September 2009
Client: Henkel
Brand name: Pattex Glue
Agency: Imelda Ogilvy, Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia

Advertising Agency: Imelda Ogilvy, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Creative Director: Jure Požun
Art Director: Sašo Dornik
Copywriter: Andrej Baša
Photographer: Ciril Jazbec
Additional credits: Barbara Balažič, Nina Hočevar

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  1. Liam Moore at 11:55 AM

    What a useless number of websites!

    I just wanted to know if Pattex “No Mas Claves” (Spain) is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. A simple and obvious question. Nothing on the tube, even less on the the website. (Unless I am missing something)

    Liam Moore

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