Passenger Rights Video: Brothers

Passenger Rights Video: Brothers

The Russian advertising agency Zavod Consulting and director Ne-O have made this hilarious social video.

The video is a social campaign for the passenger rights. It features two brothers – the siamese twins. One of them is a tough guy, the other – not so tough. The latter suffers from his bigger brother: since he is smaller, he is prone to accidents due to his bro’s inattentiveness. According to the video, passengers should not be dependent on the driver. Serious message, yet the campaign is really very funny.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: Zavod Consulting, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Svetlana Smirnova
Art Director: Max Kitaev
Copywriter: Andrey Sivkov
General Director: Natalia Agre
Project Director: Vadim Melnikov
Strategic Director: Maxim Pisarev
PR Director: Alexandra Gavrilova
Production: Stink
Director: Ne-O
DOP: Joost van Gelder
Сamera: Arri Alexa

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