Paisley Commercial: Hide

Paisley Commercial: Hide

Paisley and advertising agency MAYD from Hamburg have released this disturbing video spot recently.

The commercial features a person wearing an orange burqa. It is a woman, we assume, however, she does some unexpected things: she drives a car, walks the streets alone and has dinner with unfamiliar men. How is it possible to combine both – being a woman and acting like a man. There is a twist in the end, which sparkles some thoughts about cultural stereotypes.

Watch the video and tell us what do you think about it – challenging or crass?


Agency: MAYD, Hamburg, Germany
Director: Alex Rank
Creative Directors: Behnaz Pakravesh
Senior Copywirter: Susanne Pakravesh
Music: NIGHTKRAFT Sound Engineer: Tobias Sauer
Video Editor: Nikita Kronlund
Production Company: WillsonProject
Second Production Company: The Shack GmbH, The Soundshack GmbH

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