Oxfam Deutschland Video: Difficult Birth

Oxfam Deutschland Video: Difficult Birth

Oxfam Deutschland and director Maximilian Erlenwein have made this incredibly funny yet shocking video to raise our awareness.

The video features a couple, who came to a hospital to gave birth. Actually, a man is giving birth. He is in so much pain and is frightened, that his wife has to drag him to a doctor. The ad features famous German actress Heike Makatsch.

The video shows, that even if 0,05% of financial transaction tax, taken by the banks, does not seem a lot, it would do a lot of good.

Watch the video and tell us what do you think about it.


Director: Maximilian Erlenwein
Executive Creative Director: Bjoern Bremer
Art Director: Franziska Ersil
Copywriter: Philipp Siegert
Production company: Czar Films
Executive Producer: Jan Fincke
Client Team Director: Gesa Lueddeke

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