Oreo cookies: Magnetism

Oreo is Milk’s favorite cookie, and for many years friends and families have enjoyed sharing moments of ‘childlike delight’ together over Oreo cookies and milk. Reminding consumers of the special, one-of-a-kind connection between Oreo cookies and milk reminds them of the delightful experiences they can enjoy by sitting down to ‘twist, lick and dunk’ their Oreo cookies together.

In the ad, the connection between Oreo cookies and milk is showcased by taking it right to its ‘source’ – through this boy’s fun, clever interaction with the cow and its udder, the ‘Magnetism’ that draws Oreo cookies and milk together is celebrated in a unique and distinctly surprising way. The ad showcases a strength of connection that could only be created by one cookie… Milk’s favorite cookie, Oreo.

Released: June 2009
Advertiser: Kraft Foods
Brand name: Oreo Cookies
Agency: Draftfcb New York
Country: USA

Creative Directors: Sandy Greenberg, Terri Meyer, Keith Loell
Art Director: Jeseok Yi
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Simons
Agency Producer: Paddy Giordano
Producer: Lori Stonebraker
Director: Paul Goldman
Editor: Andrea Macarthur / Peepshow Edit
Animation: Rhino

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