Orangina Commercial: The Antifoot Can

Orangina Commercial: The Antifoot Can

Orangina and advertising agency Fred & Farid from Paris have just released a video, which can make them the most hated brand ever!

However, this risky campaign is also incredibly funny and mischievous. Orangina fights football dictatorship with an innovative can. The creatives have made a special can, which turns off football on TV in secrecy. See the footage from a bar, when the TV shuts off in the middle of the games. Panic and mayhem!

Watch this hysterical spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris
Client: Orangina
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriter: Ugo Martinez
Copywriter: Guillaume Roukhomovsky
Art Director: Guillaume Roukhomovsky
Art Director: Radouane Gouissi
Brand Supervisor: Stanislas de Parcevaux
Brand Supervisor: Florence Burtin
Brand Supervisor: Aline Bonnet
Brand Supervisor: Romain Burgevin
Brand Supervisor: Fanny Comau
Social Media Manager: Matthieu Bouilhot
Agency Producer: Deji Odulate
Production: Wanda Productions
Director: Patrick Cassir
Producer: Helene Segol
Producer: Marie Le Roux
Account Director: Florent Depoisier

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