Orangina Commercial: Satellite

Orangina Commercial: Satellite

Orangina and advertising agency Fred & Farid have updated its hilarious campaign.

The spot takes place at the beach. A guy and a huge bear are playing tennis. The bear sips Orangina drink. Meanwhile a broken satellite from the sky is falling to the Earth. Unfortunately, it hits the guy. The creatives of the campaign are pulling off the ridiculously funny statistics: there are no Orangina drinkers, who get hit by a satellite. Also check out the previous ad from the campaign about a pigeon accident.

Watch the funny video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Fred & Farid
Copywriter: Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Copywriter: Rolando Cordova
Art Director: Rolando Cordova
Art Director: Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Producer: Sandrine Lima

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