Orangina Commercial: Pigeon

Orangina Commercial: Pigeon

Orangina and advertising agency Fred & Farid from China have released a brand new hilarious campaign.

The spot takes place in the street. Two girls are waiting for a bus. While a human-goat is slurping her Orangina, the other girl is talking on the phone with her boyfriend. Boy oh boy, does she go crazy! The creatives of the campaign are pulling off the ridiculously funny statistics: Orangina drinkers do not get involved in a situations like the talkative girl just has.

Watch the funny video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris-Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters: Fred & Farid, Gian Carlo Lanfranco, Rolando Cordova
Art directors: Rolando Cordova & Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Brand supervisors: Hugues Pietrini, Stan de Parcevaux, Florence Burtin
Agency supervisors: Mehdi Benali, Hélène Camus, Olivia Courbon
Tv producer: Karim Naceur
Post-producer: Elise Dutartre
Director: Gary Freedman / Glue Society
Production: Nouvelle Vague
Producer: Sandrine Lima

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