Orange Internet Commercial: Words

Orange Internet Commercial: Words

New Orange Internet commercial, titled “Words” shows us that same words can have different meanings.

The new Orange Internet campaign is based on a simple idea, which is expressed in a powerful and light-hearted way: one single word can be used to cover a number of situations, from everyday scenarios to highly emotional, intense moments. The way in which words can have several meanings in life has led us to reconsider what we mean by the term “Internet”. And to understand that there is Internet, and there is Orange Internet.

The commercial was done by Publicis Conseil advertising agency in France and produced by WAM.

Released: October 2009
Advertiser: Orange
Brand name: Orange internet
Agency: Publicis Conseil
Country: France


Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France
Executive Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
TV Copywriters: Mathieu Degryse, Olivier Dermaux
TV Art Directors: Yves-Eric Deboey, Mathieu Vinciguerra
Web Creative Director: Philippe Simonet
Web Copywriter: Ce?dric Leplat
Web Art Direc: David Polonia
Production: WAM
TV Production: Florent Villiers, Pierre Marcus
Post-Production : Jeanne Raibaut
Sound Production: Eric Cervera, Boris Nicou
Production company: 75 Director : Vincent Lobelle
Producer: Emmanuel Guiraud D.O.P: Glynn Speeckaert
Editor: Cyril Nakache, Stephane Couturier
SFX images: Mikros images
Music Composer: Eric Cervera
GM Strategic Planning: Valerie Henaff
Account Director: Marie Wallet
Account Manager : Celine Veyrard
Account Manager Web : Aline Bonnet
Account Manager Mobile : Eric Dufourmantelle
Account Executive : Emilie Alalof

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