Orange Cineday Commercial: Cheerleader

Orange Cineday Commercial: Cheerleader

Publicis Conseil continues funny work for Orange. This time, a video directed by Xavier Giannoli promotes Cineday, which gives away Orange customers a free movie ticket every time they buy one on Tuesdays.

The spot takes place on the street, where police is trying to get bank robbers. Suddenly from out of nowhere a cheerleader starts singing and dancing trying to convince robbers to give up. Unfortunately she could not avoid the firefight. See what happens next.

Since its launch on the 10th May 2011, about 1 million people have already shared a movie with someone close to them, thanks to Cineday. That makes 500 000 free tickets given away.

Watch this funny, suspense kind of video yourself.

Agency: Publicis Conseil
Client: Orange Cineday
Director: Xavier Giannoli
Production Company: Irene
Producer: Guillaume de Bary
TV Production: Patrick Pauwels
TV Production: Guillaume Delmas
TV Production: Nathalie Levincent
Post-production: Alain Le Borgne
Post-production: Quentin Martin
Director of Photography: Glynn Speekaert
Director of Photography: Thierry Arbogast
Sound Post Production: Laurent Favart
Sound Post Production: Boris Nicou
Musical Composition: Sinclair
Creative Director: Guillaume Lartigue
Copywriter: Nicolas Martinez
Art Director: Samantha De Biasi
Sales Team: Eric Forest
Sales Team: Blandine Mercier
Sales Team: Thomas Ceccaldi
Sales Team: Marie Tygreat
Technical Team: Marcel Teams

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