Opvoedingslijn.be Parent Helpline Campaign: Little Robin

Opvoedingslijn.be Parent Helpline Campaign: Little Robin

To advertise Opvoedingslijn, a new helpline for parents with out of control kids, an interesting guerrilla action took place in one of the largest malls in Belgium.

Using the speakers, an employee of the mall called a mother of a boy named Robin. Some time later she called the second time. And finally she ended up asking for help herself as little Robin turned out to be totally uncontrollable. After the public heard the hopeless voice of the employee while the boy was screaming, the message promoting the service had been announced: “Raising a child is not always easy. So there is Opvoedingslijn, the new advice service for parents”.

Launched: October, 2010
Client: Opvoedingslijn.be Parent Helpline
Advertising agency: Duvalguillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
Country: Belgium

CD: Geoffrey Hantson
Creatives: Dries Dewilde, Koenraad Lefever
Director: Fraulein Productions

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