Optifog Commercials: Fog

Optifog Commercials: Fog

Optifog and advertising agency Herezie from Paris have just released another hilarious videos from the latest campaign.

The first video features a runner, who competes in a marathon. She thinks she has reached a finish line, however, the police officers do not think so. The second spot takes place at the hospital. A patient with his foggy glasses tries to turn annoying TV channel off.

Watch the commercials and have a good laugh.


Agency: Herezie, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Creative Supervisor: Jean-Laurent Py
Creatives: Nicolas Dumesnil, Jacques Denain, Nicolas Bermond, Christelle Bochet, Edouard Dorbais, Rémi Arnaud
Director: Jon Barber
Agency producers: Barbara Vaira, Louise Trojani
Production company: OPC
Producer: Bennis Beier
D.O.P: Christophe Collette
Planning: Luc Wise, Céline Chouéri, Roxane Matthews

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