OndAzul NGO Prints: Tuna and Sardine

OndAzul NGO Prints: Tuna and Sardine

OndAzul NGO and advertising agency Quê from Brazil have made this funny print campaign.

The company is raising our awareness about polution. Oceans, seas, its fauna and flora are suffering from the humans’ waste. Therefore, the prints present tuna and sardine cans that hold an unpleasant surprise in it.

The title says: Is it what you expect to find in the sea? Neither do the fishes.

See the prints below and share your opinion about them.




Advertising Agency: Quê, Brazil
Creative Director: Eduardo Almeida
Art Directors: Marcello Cruz, Dennis Sieber
Copywriter: MIlena Zindeluk
Illustrator: Nutslocomotyva
Accounts: Tatiana Soter, Danielle Portella, Marina Gouvêa, Pedro Bastos
Media team: Fátima Rendeiro, Vanessa Alves, Luciana Santos, Dayse Pereira, Luma Coutinho, Ronny Alvarado
Producer: Álvaro Edir

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