Olympus Commercial: Stunt Man

Olympus Commercial: Stunt Man

Olympus and SCPF creative agency have launched a second video for a “Capture your stories” campaign.

The video makes the photographic experience feel very realistic. It features the stunt man who reviews his images. The quality is so good that it feels as if it is happening at the moment. For instance, he goes through a dangerous stunt when his arm is set on fire. But he just laughs. The hilarious commercial announces: “Capture your stories with the shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof, crushproof Olympus tough series.”

Watch the funny video and tell us what you think of it.


Advertising Agency: SCPF, Miami, USA
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Monzon
Executive Producer: Ursula Bertrand
Senior Producer: Mariana Black
Group Account Director: Lisa Paravano
Account Executive: Vanessa Romano
Production Co: Green Dot Films
Director: Richard Farmer
Exec Producer: Darren Foldes
Exec Producer: Rich Pring
DoP: Crille Forsberg
Production Designer: Sean Hargreaves
Producer: Matt Caltabiano
Additional Production Support: In&Out productions
Exec Producer: Frida Sellar
Editorial Co: General Editorial
Producer: Robert Parker
Editor: Noah Herzog
Visual Effects Co: Ring of Fire
Exec Producer: John Myers
Creative Director / VFX Supervisor: Jerry Spivack
VFX Producer: Casey Conroy
Asst. VFX Producer: Tammie Smalls
Flame Artist: Brian Shneider
Graphic Designers: Stephen Grimm, Tony LaTorre
Color Correction: Cinelicious
Colorist: Steve Rodriguez
Audio: Uptempo Music, Audio Post
Exec Producer: Roger Dominguez

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