Oikos Commercial: Seeing John Stamos

Oikos Commercial: Seeing John Stamos

Dannon has collaborated with John Stamos to promote brands product and released this hilarious short commercial entitled “Seeing John Stamos”.

The video features two ladies. One of them tells the other, that tasting Oikos Greek Yogurt gives you the opportunity to see John Stamos instead of the husband for five seconds. It is so funny. And it is even more hilarious when husband’s friends show up.

Watch the funny commercial and tell us if you liked it.


Client: Dannon

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  1. Bubs Binns at 8:21 PM

    I saw this ad this morning (Aug 10, 2012) I was in stitches!!…My kids were in the other room and both cam charging asking why I was laughing so hard?…Even as I am typing this, I am dying of laughter!!…..Best ad of 2012!!…Looove it!

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