Odis Lock Commercial: Assassin

Odis Lock Commercial: Assassin

Odis Lock and advertising agency from Chile Ogilvy & Mather have made this hilarious commercial entitled „Assassin“.

The video features an animal loving couple. He has a beautiful black cat on his lap. And she holds an empty cage with feathers left only. She speaks in numbers. But it is pretty clear, that she blames the cat. „No, Assassin did not do this“, the guy says. And what about an empty aquarium? „It is not his fault“.

The video promotes Odis Lock – it takes only three numbers to make 1000 various number combinations. So that all your things you appreciate would be safe.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Chile
Chief Creative Officer: Cesar Agost Carreño
Creative Directors: Francisco Camacho, Nicolas Neumann
Copywriters: Tomás Cisternas, Jonathan Chauque
Art Director: Cristian Costa
Account Manager: Erick Krohn
Director: Francisco Escudero
Production Company: Paraiso Films

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