Oddsen Commercial: Hooligans

Oddsen Commercial: Hooligans

Oddsen and advertising agency Dinamo from Norway have made this funny video ad.

The sports betting company released a commercial, which takes place at the mean streets. Two groups of unfriendly looking men march towards each other. Apparently, they are hooligans – the fans of two opposing teams. However, when the groups finally face each other, the video takes an unexpected turn. The title in the end says: What’s Your Bet?

Watch the video and tell us what do you think about it.


Agency: Dinamo, Norway
Creatives: Geir Florhaug, Frank Standal Dybhavn
Account Manager: Erik Loe
Project Manager: Unni Rolfsen
Producer: Tonje Østbye
AD-ass: Guro Trevland
Production: Motion Blur
Director: Henrik Sander
Producers: Espen Horn, Ane Stubberud

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