NZTA Commercial: Speed

NZTA Commercial: Speed

NZTA and Wellington’s BBDO designed this commercial to prevent fast driving on the roads.

It features a couple in a car that has just crashed. The slow motion video expresses what happens: not only things in a car move at the same speed before the car hit something, but organs inside of a body as well.

The video is part of a campaign that puts a social responsibility on people, especially younger and middle aged males, who would drive too fast and put at risk people around them. A very convincing and detailed ad.
Watch this advertisement and tell us your opinion.


Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Client: NZTA
Creative Director: Philip Andrew
Art Director: Michael DeTullio
Copywriter: Dan Moth
Agency Producer: Martin Gray
Prod. Co.: Finch
Director: Derin Seale
Producer: Camillo Spath
Exec. Producer: Rob Galluzzo
Exec. Producer: Karen Bryson
DOP: Danny Ruhlmann
Gaffer: Pete Gilmour
Key Grip: Jim Rowe
Sound Designer: Simon Lister
Art Director: Mick Coote
Editor: Bernard Garry
Editing: The Editors
Post: Fin Design + Effects
Music: Nylon
Date May 08, 2012

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