NZ Pure Beer Outdoor Ads

NZ Pure Beer Outdoor Ads

New NZ Pure beer outdoor ads are very simple and clear. With the minimum amount of images and accurate text they create a clear and attractive brand image for those who prefer natural products. The lines ‘because you can’t be almost a virgin’ and ‘brewed by brewers. Not chemistered by chemists’ definitely delivers the message and they are memorable as well. The green color of the bottle and the text reveals a connection with another famous beer brand which also helps NZ to build their brand image and reach not only NZ loyal customers.



Advertising Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Catmur, Daniel Barnes
Copywriter: Paul Catmur
Art Director: Crispin Schuberth
Photographer: Rory Carter
Retouching: The Lounge
Typography: Brad Stratton

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