Norwegian Motorcycle Union Commercial: Bugs

Motorcyclist safety commercial created by advertising agency “Spilberg” for the Norwegian Motorcycle Union. Directed by Kristoffer Carlin and Lasse Gretland. Produced by Paradox & Spilberg.

We are small, but we’re not bugs.
8 out of 10 collisions are cause by drivers that never see the motorcycle.

Aired: September 2009
Advertiser: Norwegian Motorcycle Union
Agency: Spilberg, Oslo
Country: Norway


Advertising Agency: Spilberg, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Jorgen Marthinsen
Art Director: Celine Sagenes, Jorgen Marthinsen
Copywriter: Hedda Marie Kaupang
Photographer: Anders Flatland
Additional credits: Paradox & Spilberg, Lasse Gretland, Kristoffer Carlin

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