Norton Security commercials featuring Dolph Lundgren and David Hasslehoff

Norton Security commercials featuring Dolph Lundgren and David Hasslehoff

Symantec Corporation, the largest maker of security software for personal computers, which provides security, storage and systems management solutions, recently released its 2011 range of security software solutions – Norton AntiVirus 2011 and Norton Internet Security 2011.

To accompany the release of Norton Internet Security 2011, Symantec has launched a new series of humorous ads in the US to show some of the threats computers face online and how Norton can help defeat them. The tongue-in-cheek ads feature legendary stars Dolph Lundgren and David Hasselhoff.

The first commercial features Dolph Lundgren, dressed as if he just walked off the set of “The Expendables.” Opposite him we see a lovely, cutesy unicorn. The idea here is that Lundgren is a cyber criminal and the “magical unicorn” is your online bank account.

Dolph Lundgren wants to take your unicorn and do bad things to it and you should don’t let Dolph destroy your fairytale unicorn. There are two different ends of that commercial. Whatch “Deny” and “Allow” versions below.

Dolph Lundgren vs. Unicorn – Allow version

Dolph Lundgren vs. Unicorn – Deny version

The second commercial features David Hasselhoff opposite an oscillating fan. In the ad the oscialting fan is your computer password – David Hasselhoff is a cyber criminal who does not like the osciallting fan because it “musses the Hoff’s hair. Don’t allow Hoff’s hair to break your fan…or your computer. Protect yourself from the Hoff with Norton.

There are three versions of commercials with David Haselhoff – two „Allows“ and one „Deny“. Whatch it below.

David Hasselhoff vs. Oscillating fan – Deny version

David Hasselhoff vs. Oscillating fan – Allow 1 version


David Hasselhoff vs. Oscillating fan – Allow 2 version


Client: Norton from Symantec
Advertising Agency: ARC Worldwide/Leo Burnett
Creative Directors: Jon Wyville, Dave Loew, Reed Collins, Bob Winter
Executive Producer: David Moore
Producer: Topher Cochrane
VP Account Director: Antoniette Wico

Live Action Production Company: HSI Productions
Director: Ryan Ebner
Executive Producer: Michael McQuhae
Producer: Craig Repass
Director of Photography: Mark Plummer

VFX Company: MassMarket
Creative Lead: Andrew Romatz
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producers: Scott Boyajan, Blythe Klippsten
Lead CG Artists: Andrew Romatz, Kyle Cassidy
Lead Flame Artist: Sarah Eim
Previz: Gary Abrahamian
Modeling: Mike Riendeau
CG Artists: Victor Garza, Barry Kriegshauser
Animation: Ben Grangereau
FX: Kiel Gnebba
Matte Painting: Andrew Park
Compositing: Lane Jolly, Ryan Raith
Flame: Sarah Eim, Jake Montgomery
Roto: Austin Brown

Editorial: Whitehouse Chicago
Editor: Matthew Wood

Telecine Company: Filmworkers Club
Colorist: Michael Mazur

Music Company: Human
Composer: Mike Jurasits
Executive Producer: Mark Altschuler
Producer: Jonathan Sanford

Sound Design Company: Another Country
Sound Designer: John Binder
Executive Producer: Tim Konn

Sound Mix Company: Another Country

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  1. Phil Law at 8:20 PM

    “Protect your unicorn from dolph lundgren” a wet dream of every copywriter to have something like that aired!

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