Nokia Video: Recital

Nokia Video: Recital

Nokia Lumia 1020 and advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky have released this hilarious commercial lately.

The spot takes place at the school play, where children perform for their parents. Just like in the previous spot „Wedding“ the adults go bananas for a good picture. They climb on each others heads literally, with their Samsungs and iPhones in their hands. However, the Lumia owners sit comfortably, get to see the play and get nice pics.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Client: Nokia
Executive Creative Director: Dan Donovan
Associate Creative Director: Paul Sincoff
Associate Creative Director: Kyle Jones
Creative Director: Dave Swartz
Creative Director: Dave Steinke
Art Director: Jeff Hunter
Coypwriter: Aaron Cathey
Integrated Head of Video: Chad Hopenwasser
Executive Producer: Chad Hopenwasser
Agency Producer: Sloan Schroeder
Agency Producer: Laura Keseric
Director: Roman Coppola

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