Nissan Video: Meeting Room

Nissan Video: Meeting Room

Nissan and advertising agency TBWA have released this hilarious video spot recently.

The commercial features a lady, who is preparing for a very important meeting with a bunch of men. She is nervous and rehearses her speech, which, however, does not sound good anyway. Until she comes up with a genius idea, which lowers those guys literally. Hysterical!

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: TBWA
Creative director: Rudi Anggono
Creatives: Fabio Abram, Braulio Kuwabara
Account management: Ewan Veitch, Celina Eude, Tiny Pham, Bastien Demnard
Agency producer: Guillaume Faurel
Post-producer: Mélanie Bernard
Soundtrack: Fabrice Pouvreau, Philippe Mineur
Director: Jeff Low
Executive producer: Charlotte Lepot
Producer: Aurélie Bruneau
DOP: Carl Nilsson
Editor: Nicolas Larrouquere
Post production: Romain Gingembre / Home Digital Pictures

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