Nissan Leaf Commercial: Gas Powered Everything

Nissan Leaf Commercial: Gas Powered Everything

Last year Nissan came with its new vehicle that runs on electricity.

Commercial goes with quite sharp critic on gas. What if everything ran on gas? All the electronic gadgets we use? It would not be very healthy for sure. That is why Leaf should be so appealing.

There was a controversy between Nissan and Chevrolet Volt. The latter is being used as an example of a nature unfriendly old car’s model. Nevertheless General Motors Executive Director of Product and Technology Communications Jason Laird called the commercial “cute”.

Watch this nature friendly ad.


Advertising Agency: TBWA, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Rob Schwartz, Jack Neary
Group Creative Directors: Chris Adams, Margaret Keene
Creative Directors: Tito Melega, Allen Oke, Mark Mason
Associate Creative Directors: Glenn Sanders, Dylan Schwartz, Jonathan Smith, Chris Lynch, Jeff Kemhadjian
Art Directors: Bill Hornstein, Alex Haglund, Rodger Eyre, Vlad Ivangorodsky
Copywriters: Dylan Meagher, Marcin Markiewicz, Ron Schlessinger

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