Nike Women Advertising Campaign “Make yourself”

Nike Women Advertising Campaign “Make yourself”

Nike Women launched new marketing campaign “Make yourself” to encourage women to improve their physical form and share their strategy of becoming ‘the best versions’ of themselves.

On Nike Women Facebook profile on the dedicated “I’m Making Myself” wall women could leave a comments with statements in order to inspire other ladies to follow their example. Statements starts with the phrase “I’m Making Myself,” and users can finish it with adjectives such as “strong,” “healthy,” “fit,” amazing“” and so on and then give a short description of what helps them have the above-mentioned characteristics. These statements can be commented or liked by other Nike women profile on Facebook fans.

Nike Women "Make yourself" Facebook wall

For “Make Yourself” campaign Nike also invited female athletes like American surfer Monica Byrne-Wickey, Dutch footballer Anouk Hoogendijk and American skier Julia Mancuso to unveil their own secrets of getting fit. Together these athletes through Facebook share their life stories, their focus, what they wear, how they train and what they eat.

Monica Byrne-Wickey

Anouk Hoogendijk

More celebrated female athletes we find in the campaign video. There about their ways of reaching perfection talks an American track star Allyson Felix, American skier Julia Mancuso and Algerian dancer Sofia Boutella. Watch the video below.

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