Nike Commercial: Hyperwarm

Nike Commercial: Hyperwarm

Nike and production company Mothership have released a brand new cool video ad.

Nike Hyperwarm have released a special edition of clothes, fitted to the colder weather. The spot features wide receiver Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions, who is not anxious about the upcoming winter and continues his training. Cool music and special fiery effects make a hip video. Great job.

See the ad and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Production: Mothership
Chief Executive Officer: Ed Ulbrich
Head of Production: Scott Gemmell
Producer: Tiffani Manabat
Director: David Rosenbaum
Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth
1st Assistant Director: David Goldstein
Line Producer: Mark Hyatt
Production Supervisor: Ali Goldstone
Assistant Production Supervisor: Josh Asher
Gaffer: Scott Spencer
Key Grip: Greg Mustin
1st Assistant Camera: Dan McDonough
DIT: Aaron Moore
Production Designer: Steve McHale
VTR: Willow Jenkins
Script Supervisor: Sarah Dart
Wardrobe Stylist: Susie Carlson
Make-up/Hair: Isaac Prado
Craft Service: Mark Iverson
Medic: Robert Cymbal
Gang Boss: Bowser
Location Manager: David Doumeng
Production Assistants: Harmony Ross, Serge Grandin, Jay Jay Jaramillo, Chris Krein, Yule Owens, Alex Cruz, Bill Pomerans, Kristin Dunn

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