Nike Ads: Mario Balotelli and the Nike Barbershop

Nike Ads: Mario Balotelli and the Nike Barbershop

Nike has teamed up with Leg advertising agency from Paris and launched this amazing video from the series „My Time is Now“.

The video features Mario Balotelli – the Italian soccer player. He comes to a barber’s shop and wants a new haircut. „I wanna be remembered“, he explains to the hair master. The latter would offer a couple of different haircuts. They all would remind the famous haircuts of the other soccer star’s such as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Carlos Valderrama and Chris Waddle. Finally he settles up with a mohican.

The video has a fun interactive tool. The link takes you to a Facebook page, the interactive Barbershop, where you could find your own unique hairstyle.

The second video is a fun „behind the scenes“ story documenting the working process of the Nike commercial.

Watch the videos and tell us if you enjoyed them.


Advertiser: Nike, Inc.
Brand name: Nike
Product: Nike Football
Agency: Leg, Paris
Country: France

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