NHD Commercial: Rocket Addicts

NHD Commercial: Rocket Addicts

Norwegian Health Department and advertising agency TRY have released this hilarious video spot.

The PSA raises awareness about Snus – highly addictive and dangerous Swedish tobacco. To illustrate how ridiculous the addiction looks like, the creatives have pulled off a world, where teenagers use rocket for recreational purposes. Allegedly they make them look cool.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: TRY, Norway
Copywriter: Oystein Halvorsen
Art Directors: Karin Lund, Maria Lilly Flakk, Juliane Stensrud
Project Manager: Helle Jansch
Account Manager: Kristian Lyse
Production Company: Pravda
Director: Even Hafnor
Producer: Mette Waaberg
Producer: Martin Myhre
Post production: Storyline

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