New Vadafone TV commercial: Fighting Couple

New Vadafone TV commercial: Fighting Couple

A couple of days ago Vodafone released a new TV commercial to emphasize the different ways people use their mobile phones to communicate. The video features a fighting couple creatively making jibes at one another using their smartphones. A very nice piece of work done by BBH.

Released: September 2009
Client: Vadafone
Advertising agency: BBH
Country: UK
Creative Director: Nick Gill
Producers: Olivia Chalk, Natasha Wellesley
Team Director: Mark Whiteside
Production Company: Sonny
Director: Fredrik Bond
Producers: Helen Kenny, Alice Grant
DoP: Natasha Braier
Post Production Company: The Mill
Editor/Editing House: Final Cut – Rick Russell
Sound: Wave Studios – Aaron Reynolds

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  1. Dan O'Day at 7:16 AM

    As a radio advertising expert, I teach the importance of offering consumers a “test drive” of the product or service.

    This video demonstrates its power in a TV commercial, too.

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