Neston Commercial: Surreal

Neston Commercial: Surreal

Neston and advertising agency Publicis from Brazil have made this wonderful and funny commercial entitled “Surreal”.

The video takes us to a desert, where a lonely and thirsty guy finds Neston. After he has a sip of the drink, the ad takes us to an incredible journey around the world, which is supplemented with an amusing Indian song and dance.

According to the creatives, they wanted to express that Neston is not only tasty – it is super delicious. Therefore, they came up with this fantastic musical ad.

Check out the video and enjoy.


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Leo Macias
Art Directors: Leo Macias, Antonio Correa
Copywriter: Luís Felipe Figueiredo
Production company: Alaska Filmes
Directors: Gustavo Moraes, Marco Lafer
Photographers: Gustavo Moraes, Marco Lafer
RTVC: Tato Bono, Andrea Barreto, Marina Dodi
Audio company: S de Samba
Post production: Alaska Filmes
Account team: Rafael Oliveira, Lica Carvalho, Rachel Monteiro
Planner: Thiago Delfino
Media: Mari Maccabelli, Maura Ruiz

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