Nando’s Commercial: Diversity

Nando’s Commercial: Diversity

Nando’s and Johannesburg’s advertising agency Cross Colours have launched a brand new commercial for its „Diversity“ campaign.

South Africa is a country of a wide diversity: people from the different Africa’s countries, from Asia, Europe have come here and established their lives. However, it has a long history of the Xenophobia issues. The voice over the camera asks, what would it be, if all those people would disappear. And they disappear with a smoke puff while the camera travels around the country. Except for Khoisan people, who have lived here long before anyone else came, everyone else is a guest in SA.

The video promotes the Nando’s flame-grilled chicken – food, that presents and unites different cultures and tastes.

Watch the video and share your opinion about it.


Agency:Cross Colours, Johannesburg, South Africa
Director: Dean Blumberg

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