Viral: Choose your players carefully Viral: Choose your players carefully Viral: Choose your players carefully

Viral video rolling to promote the site, a fantasy football game, where the Internet user does register on the site and become a coach for some of the biggest leagues in the world: UEFA, Premier League or even the World Cup in South Africa

For those who never heard of these fantasy football games, it works like this: the Internet user receives a virtual currency and you can choose / buy players who are officially enrolled in the championships, riding his own football team, with name, colors and shield own. The goal is to accumulate points, making your team improve and you can earn money and buy better players and become the champion.

The viral shows a guy trying to train a bunch of animals, drawing an analogy to the concept of “Choose your players carefully” that brings the video, where the animals simply do not respond to orders of the coach.

With football, its all about the players you have in your team. While having a player who can kick like a horse might be a good thing, having an actual horse wouldn’t be so good.

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